Heritage India has been vigorously working towards creating awareness about India’s rich civilisation primarily through the magazine, researched content, curated events and providing a platform to researchers, historians, architects, bloggers, artists etc. We aim to portray the treasure trove of our country’s heritage through our database of an array of articles covering the various aspects studied by eminent scholars, researchers and academicians over a long period of time.

What we believe 

Owing to its rich heritage and culture, India is probably the only country in the world where the past remains inextricably linked to our present. At Heritage India, we realise that history is not a subject that should be limited to the academic syllabus. It should be absorbed through engaging experiences that bring this history to life. We advocate value, respect and a sense of pride and belonging with space where this history was created. We work towards providing well-curated experiences for you, be it through our website content or our tours and events. Our work manifests authenticity, quality, pride, responsibility and fun.

Who we are

The company was set up in 2007 with the primary aim of creating awareness about our rich legacy and we have been doing this through various media by motivated academicians. A decade later we still stand by our primary aim and have grown into a team of proficient, practised, enthusiastic, skilful, knowledgeable and committed members making it an intellectually rewarding workspace.The team roles include expert contributors, tour guides, experience designers from a broad spectrum of sectors and backgrounds.


Our products (on site, online and in print) strive to inspire an impulse to know more about our shared past. We encourage connections between places, objects, stories and most importantly people. We will:

Provoke imagination and conversation about heritage.

Use our digital skills to reach and involve a wider public, making heritage accessible to all.


We encourage participation from all Heritage enthusiasts. Being a part of our events and tours, writing for us, making films, videos, photographs, artists, craftsmen, all are a part of the Heritage India’s extended Team. We will:

Publicise heritage products, activities and experts through our online and offline follower base.

Offer volunteering opportunities to directly contribute to the conservation movement.

Design rewarding experiences so you take back more each time you associate with us.

Our Vision

Through this endeavour, we want to become a company that is trusted for its uniqueness, quality and authenticity. We want to consistently provide heritage in a way that will encourage the public to take this history with them when moving towards the future. We want to ensure the preservation of the unique characteristics of the unique Indian identity.

Our objective is

To create awareness among Indians about their inheritance and motivate them to become guardians of the same and to build a legacy for our future generations.