Heritage is experienced outside the classroom.

This initiative is to bring students and professionals closer to heritage as an effort to develop awareness and a sense of attachment towards their local heritage.

Various learning methods are used to bring an experience tailored to the needs of the participants. Heritage belongs to all and that is reflected in the YOLO program. We encourage students from all institutions, ages, languages, and backgrounds to be a part of these programs.

To assure the best experience designs, we prefer to execute the YOLO program in collaboration with the institution you are associated with. This helps us keep a check on your needs. We create customized programs according to your locality, syllabus, age group, special needs and other requirements.

If you are associated with any institutions and would like to participate in this movement, please send an email immediately mentioning the name of your institute and your city at [email protected]

Institutes currently a part of YOLO Program:

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