Heritage India कल्चर (Culture) Explorers Club – Series 2

After the success of the 1st series of HIKE, Heritage India is augmenting the club! This time all the members will get to participate in a wide range of activities ranging from site visits, museum tours, lectures and events! These events and activities will be specially designed to enhance experience of visiting a heritage site or listening to an expert and are intended to bring History Alive! Activities will cover tangible (like monuments), intangible (arts and crafts) and natural heritage.

Benefits and Privileges – What do the members of the club get?
– Specially curated events designed to enrich and engage.
– Heavy discounts on all HIKE activities for the entire year (24 activities)
– Flat 10% off on Heritage India Tours
– FREE lectures by renowned experts from Pune

What does it cost?
Annual Membership: INR 1100 (taxes included) for 1 year. This means a total of 24 activities (2 per month). Additionally, there will be lectures of experts organized from time to time.

Don’t wait! Sign up today!
CALL/WHATSAPP 9922442238 for more information

Our 50 member strong club has participated in various exclusive and free events! Here’s a quick glimpse: