The Heritage India कल्चर Explorers club (HIKE) was a three month lecture series which began on 17th August. There were a total of 6 lectures spread over a period of 3 months, covering a range of topics. The topics covered in the first series are: Ancient India’s timeline and Dynasties, Ancient Indian Medicine, Art Appreciation, Indian Religion, Heritage Conservation and Dance & Music. The series was composed of Lectures, Interactive sessions and site visits.

17th August

Ancient Indian Dynasties and Timelines
– Dr Manjiri Bhalerao

25th August

Art Appreciation
– Dr Shrikant Pradhan

7th September

Surgery and Medicine in Ancient India
– Dr Ambarish Khare

21st September

Exploring the Indian Religions
– Dr Shreenand Bapat

6th October

Conservation of Heritage – Deccan College
– Ar Kiran Kalamdani

20th October

Performing Arts – A Complete Understanding
– Seema Mulay, Pushkar Lele and Shruti Patki