Heritage India Hosts and supports Heritage Walks all over India. We carefully source our experts and provide well designed and informative Heritage Walks.

How are Heritage India supported Heritage Walks different?


At Heritage India, it is our mission to create awareness about heritage. Heritage Walks, becoming a global trend, are the best tool to achieve this. Another step we have taken to ensure it reaches all of you is to keep these walks free. By doing this we allow you a chance to engage with the heritage before you commit and then get a taste of the vast expanse of work that needs to be done towards the protection and promotion of our great Indian Heritage.


We give the highest priority to authenticity. If you are at Heritage Walk that is by us, you can be assured that the locations, information and overall experience will be accurate, interesting, unbiased and fact checked. Our team of experts works consistently on creating the formats and scripts to deliver you not just information, but an experience.


Yes. A lot of fun! The Heritage India Team is one that cannot function unless the process is fun. That reflects in all our Walks and Tours.


We want to make sure that nothing stops you from experiencing your heritage. So regardless of your age, gender, physical challenges, feel no hesitation to come check it out! We also try and be in as many cities as possible to reach all of you! It is a tiring process but we will make it!

Meanwhile please do visit the following walks! Don’t forget to check out our lovely associates for each Walk!

Want your walk to be hosted/supported by Heritage India?

Our answer is YES!... well mostly

If you conduct a heritage walk in your city then bring it under the Heritage India portal to get global visibility!

All you need to do is take care of providing an experience that fits the description mentioned on the left! If Heritage Walks are your passion we are sure your walk already does!

Alternately, if you would like us to start walks in your city or/and would like to take that on, we can provide you everything (expertise, format design, route design, information, platform, promotions) you need, in return for your commitment and enthusiasm!

Pune Heritage Walks are done in association with Maharashtra Times and Indology & Sanskrit Department of Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth.

These are done in Marathi, Hindi and English.

The various locations these walks happen are:

  1. Old City Area
  2. Camp Area
  3. Pimpri Chinchwad Area