Heritage India Board Games

Board games have existed for around 4000 years now! Not surprisingly, ancient Indians were pretty good at developing them right from the beginning! From a wide collection of amazing ancient Indian board games, Heritage India has selected some of the best ones. We took inspiration from these designs to bring you a range of board games incorporating the philosophies of modern board games!

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What do we want to achieve?

  • You should have lots of fun!
  • Help you tap into all those positive emotions – curiosity, optimism, creativity, and finally make you fall in love with our products, like we usually do!
  • Give you more excuses to bond with your favourite people with the digital screens put aside!
  • Subtly teach you lots of things about India’s vast history through game elements.
  • These games offer something for everyone. You will find yourself planning GAME NIGHTS with your friends, kids, parents, neighbours or even your colleagues!