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There once lived a Queen…

Queen Naganika. She originally belonged to the Maharathi family and was married to Satakarni I, ruler of the Satavahana dynasty. In a cave in Naneghat, an ancient trade route, is an inscription believed to have been written by the Queen, around the 1st century BCE, which records various sacrifices that were performed by the Satavhana family and the lavish donations that were given at the time of sacrifices. Traders or travellers resting in the cave would read the inscription and would know about the greatness of the rulers in whose empire they were trading!

A fun day-long trip to step back in time, and see for this ancient trading route! Stop at Manchar to see the 14th century stepped tank with a well inside. We also visit the Kukadeshwara temple which was constructed in 12th-13th century CE.

1. Glimpses of the trip

2. Glimpses of the trip

3. Glimpses of the trip

4. Glimpses of the trip

5. Glimpses of the trip

6. Glimpses of the trip

7. Glimpses of the trip


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