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HI Vol. 5 Issue 2

This issue takes a close look at Cherial scroll paintings. Eminent archaeologist Dr. Dhavalikar explains the history of Mathura, while our numismatics feature analyses Satavahana coins. Learn more about the stunning discoveries of a 5000 year old Harappan civilisation at Farmana in Haryana, or read about the development of the Oriya acript and Rajasthani language. From the grandeur of the Gwalior fort, to the exuberance of Baisakhi, the graceful dances of Sambalpur and the breath-taking beauty of the Corbett National Park. As always, we give you a slice of India!



Corbett National Park – The Wild Paradise

The Corbett National Park now includes the first ever Project Tiger initiative, but it was already famous because of the hunting exploits of a certain Englishman. The park is a haven for Nature’s beings and home to a baffling variety of wild creatures.
Rahul Rao


Satavahana Coins – A Glimpse into the Deccan’s Past

The coins of ancient India tell the tales of empires, won and lost.
Shailendra Bhandare


Gwalior Fort – Of Power and Glory

Gwalior Fort is an imposing structure that has witnessed the reign of a hundred and ten kings from seven dynasties, pitched battles, heady romances, and the writing and rewriting of history.
Khursheed Dinshaw


Sambalpur – A Living Traditiona

In a single region, an amazing array of traditional dance forms converge.
Partha Mukherjee & Priyanka Mukherjee

Georg Bühler – Scholar Extraordinaire

In the field of Indology, there were few personalities as knowledgeable as Georg Bu?hler, and even fewer who made such a tremendous contribution.
G U Thite


Baisakhi – The Harvest Festival

Baisakhi is not simply a harvest festival celebrated in the northern and western parts of India. The day is also one of great historical significance and stands for the deeper values instilled in our society.
Parveen Brar


A Monsoon Land – Bharat Varsha India

“Then the winds blow,
Then the lightning falls…
Then, the flora sprouts and grows
Then the space overflows,
Then the land prepares for the welfare
When Parjanya, the Rain God, protects the earth by waters!”

Rigveda 8.53: Parjanya Sukta

Vimla Patil


Mathura – The City of the Gods

Mathura was a city of great riches, a centre for international trade, and the setting for much of Indian mythology.
M K Dhavalikar


Farmana and the Harappan Civilization

Five years ago, a discovery was made in a sleepy village in Haryana that took archaeologists and historians by storm. The startlingly well-preserved remains of an ancient civilisation were found, giving us a clearer picture of what life used to be, hundreds of years ago.
Vasant Shinde


Rajasthani – A Language of Heroes

“The heroic sentiment which is the essence of every song and couplet of a Rajasthani is peculiar
emotion of its own of which, however, the whole country may be proud.” – Rabindra Nath Tagore
Lakshmi Subramanian

Salar Jung Museum – A One Man Collection

Lakshmi Prabhala


New Year Food Traditions – Lip Smacking delicacies

The states of southern India all celebrate New Year days between the months of March and April. The food prepared on these festivals is symbolic of the year to come.
Nithya Subramanian


India and Sri Lanka – A Shared Heritage

Though today Sri Lanka has developed its own unique social, cultural and religious identity, the Indian influence is apparent.
Lopamudra Maitra


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