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MU Vol. 1 Issue 2

In the second exciting edition of ‘Maharashtra Unlimited’, we take our readers to the stunning coastal fort of Janjira, near Murud. Journey further down the Konkan to Tarkarli, and delve into the world of scuba-diving. Take a look at how Ganesh idols are made and read movie director Paresh Mokashi’s compelling history of cineaste Dadasaheb Phalke and his struggle to make the first Indian film. Also read more about Solapur with its temples, Elephanta island, the Raja Dinkar Kelkar Museum in Pune, The Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan in Shegaon. And finish up with another tasty Maharashtrian recipe!

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The Janjira fort at Murud on the coastal belt of Maharashtra is unique not only for its architecture but for the fact that it was never conquered by all those who desired its ownership, writes P.K Ghanekar.

Pen Ganpatis

Pen, with its name derived from the Marathi term ‘pene’ which means a place to rest, turns into a zone of frenetic activity as the Ganesh Festival inches near. Travel through the lanes of Pen with Anuradha Apte where the best idols of Ganesha are made with craftsmanship that can be traced back to several generations.


If you have always been fond of visiting temples to not only seek blessings but also study ancient art and architecture, Solapur is the right place. However, according to Dr Maya Patil Shahapurkar, Solapur has a lot more to offer.


Located just 10 kilometers from Mumbai, the Elephanta Island not only offers an interesting insight into ancient periods through its archaeological remains but also makes for a perfect one-day excursion with bonus of a boat ride on the Arabian Sea, says Suraj Pandit.


Every year, thousands of pilgrims undertake a long journey on foot from Alandi to Pandharpur to get a glimpse of the image of Lord Vithoba – a soul-stirring experience that takes one closer to salvation, states Dr G B Deglurkar, who describes here the city and the deity.

Dadasaheb Phalke

As India celebrates 100 years of cinema, it is time to turn the spotlight on Dadasaheb Phalke, the filmmaker from Maharashtra, who is known as the ‘father of Indian cinema’, writes Paresh Mokashi.


A land of immense beauty with waterfalls and towering peaks in the pristine lap of nature, Bhandardara comes close to experiencing heaven on earth, says Ashutosh Bapat


Combining dexterity and agility with strength and stamina, Mallakhamb is a tradition of gymnastics that requires a gymnast to perform acrobatics while balancing gracefully on a vertical pole explains Shriniwas Havaldar.

Kelkar museum

Tucked in one of the by-lanes of Pune is a museum that is quite different from the others because of its unique collection of plain utility objects along with those that have a priceless historic value. Above all, it is a collection put together by one individual. A walk-through by Ulka Athale.


Whether you just want to let the waves wash over your stress or get an adrenalin-rush with some water-sports, Tarkarli is the perfect vacation option for you, writes Ashishwang Godha

Narali Pournima

Festivals are aplenty in India but there are some which are very special, linked as they are to both nature and mythology. Varsha Gajendragadkar writes on ‘Narali Pournima’, also celebrated as ‘Raksha Bandhan’, to show how its importance has never diminished over the years despite the rapid changes in our culture and lifestyle.


There was a time when blackbucks were found in abundance on our vast grasslands, but now you have to head to the few sanctuaries that harbour the last remaining populations, to get a glimpse of them. This is exactly what Anirudh Chaoji did by visiting the blackbuck sanctuary at Rehekuri, just 200 kilometres from Pune.


As soon as the rains recede, Maharashtra emerges from its water-soaked shell and goes on a spree of festivals that lasts almost till November. As such, the food at this time takes a turn with regional specialties coming to the fore. Radhika Ghate provides a glimpse of what’s cooking.


Shegaon, the home of Shree Sant Gajanan Maharaj’s resting place, is not just another place of worship. The immense efforts undertaken by the Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan in the form of developing a rich landscape called the Anandsagar now draws tourists too, says Tejas Modak


If you have always wondered about life forms in the deep oceans, here’s your chance to come close to a wide variety of aquatic creatures off the Tarkarli coast in Konkan where snorkeling allows you to experience a different world altogether, explains Harish G. Thakkar.


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