Online Indian Heritage Course by Heritage India and Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute

Heritage India in association with Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute organized an online course on the heritage of India. Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute is a premier name in the field of Indology. It carries 103 years’ long legacy of academic excellence and meticulous research.
The online course was divided in 3 batches starting from 26th April 2020
The first batch started from 26th April 2020 , second batch on 10th May 2020 and the third batch on 8th June 2020 . The online course was condutcted from 7pm to 8pm

Topics covered were as follows
1. What is heritage? Its classification, importance and relevance today
2. Sources of heritage
3. Natural Heritage – overview
4. History of India (Political, Cultural, Religious)
5. Literature
6. Art & Architecture
7. Religion
8. Science, Maths, Medicine, Food

Dr G B Deglurkar, Dr Sucheta Paranjape, Dr Shreenand Bapat, Dr Shrikant Karlekar, Dr Manjiri Bhalerao, Dr Vijaya Deshpande, Dr Sachin Punekar, Dr Amruta Natu, Dr Gauri Bedekar, Dr Ambarish Khare, Dr Pradeep Apte, Prof. Sudheer Vaishampayan, Dr Pradeep Gokhale, Shri Bhupal Patwardhan were the speakers who conducted the online classes.


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