Ritual to Spiritual: Indian Textiles

with Shefali Vaidya

12 online sessions of 1.5hrs each accompanied by visual aids.

From 18th June to 24th July
(Saturday & Sunday)

Price inclusive of GST.




This course is curated by Shefali Vaidya, eminent writer, an expert on the textile traditions of India and member of the special committee appointed by the central govt ministry of textiles.

She will conducting 12 online sessions starting 18th June, every Saturday and Sunday, until the 24th of July.

This course will focus on the rich history of textile weaving in India, how India once ‘clothed the whole world’ and will introduce the participants to the different kinds of traditional weaves found in India. Technical aspects will include how the loom technology developed over the years, aesthetics in terms of materials and motifs, designs, patterns, and visual appeal, and the current situation of handloom weaves in India. The course will have the following 12 lectures:


  • Itihasa: The History of Traditional Indian Textiles
  • Give And Take: History of Textile Trade in India

  • Ritual to Spiritual

  • Ranga Sutra: History Of Natural Dyes

  • Warp And Weft: The Ikat Traditions Of India

  • Bandhani: The Tie-N-Dye Fabrics Of India

  • Stitches And Stories: Hand Embroidery Of India

  • Paisley and Prints: History Of Block Prints In India

  • ShubhVastra: The Woven Textiles Of India

  • Beauty in Bootas: Motifs And Their Significance

  • Beyond The Saree: Non Saree Weaves Of India

  • Traditions Trade and Trends: The Way Forward


Fees: Rs. 3540/- (inclusive of GST)

For further details, contact us: 9766375436

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