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What’s all the fuss about Warli?

The Warlis are well known today, amongst elite circles, for their unique form of decorative art (also called Warli). They paint life with an...

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You have the best people in the history and Archaeology sections who share their insights with participants. Wish you the very best!  

Ganesh Iyer

On Heritage India Magazine

From the inception of this magazine, l have become a great fan of you all pioneers.Ours is a country of mysteries and finesse in a culture of Great history. Through your magazine, you are opening the door on different places and magic of events there in. Yours is no doubt a world class magazine. All… Read more “On Heritage India Magazine”

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It was 4 pm. We were having the time of our life soaking in the jungle around us, ducking when the branches or vines came in the way. Sitting on top of the jeep, we were wondering how we missed out the bison hidden behind the bushes along the kuchha road. The other group in… Read more “On our Tours”

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Heritage India and Maharashtra Unlimited Magazines are truly newsworthy and enlightening.

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