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Heritage India Communications Pvt Ltd is a social enterprise with a difference. The aim of the organisation is to inform and educate and thus nurture pride in our national identity. Our core team comprises of people working passionately towards creating awareness about India’s rich Heritage. We believe that history is not a subject that should be limited to the academic syllabus. It should be absorbed through engaging experiences. We also believe that our heritage comprises of not just History but also the natural beauty, spectacular architecture, different cultures, traditions, art and crafts, performing arts and the myriad facets that India is made up of.

The company was set up in 2007 with the primary aim of creating awareness about our rich legacy and we have been doing this through various media. We have so far published a number of coffee table books and 2 quarterly magazines –‘Heritage India’ (24 issues) for our company and ‘Maharashtra Unlimited’ (18 issues) for the Department of Tourism of Maharashtra, which won the ICE (In-house communication excellence) award at the national level for 4 consecutive years. We have also conducted training workshops for teachers of History and Social Sciences, for guides for the MTDC and conducted quiz programmes and excursions for school children. Heritage Tours across the country in company of experts is another of our specialised fields of activity. We create unique experiences through interactive trips to heritage sites.


We have done this extensively with our publications and now we conduct trips to heritage sites in the company of experts who bring alive the entire era for the visitor to the site. We have also been conducting two free heritage walks per month in collaboration with Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth and Maharashtra Times. Our publication – ‘Punyakatha: Pune’s story of a million years’ – a children’s book cum family encyclopaedia was launched on 15th August 2021.

Our latest endeavour is to conduct regular lecture series on various aspects of our heritage and organise site seminars. Since April 2020 we have conducted a series of online courses on various aspects of Indian Heritage in collaboration with the Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute and we have a global audience online.

why Heritage India ?

India is a treasure trove of heritage and culture and is one of the few countries in the world where the past remains inextricably linked to the present. The wealth of heritage spanning the ages, in terms of personalities, monuments, architecture, arts & crafts, history and culture cannot be measured. And yet, there is a dearth of information about our heritage available to the lay person. Our company is striving hard to fulfill this need.

Owing to its rich heritage and culture, India is probably the only country in the world where the past remains inextricably linked to our present. We at Heritage India advocate value, respect, and a sense of pride and belonging with space where this history was created. Our work manifests authenticity, quality, pride, responsibility, and fun.


Curated lectures with well known historians and experts on a wide variety of topics like Ancient India, Indian languages, Art & Culture, Environment, Textiles and more.

Pune’s Story of a million years

Through the eyes of children, this book takes you on a journey of a million years starting from Pune's beginnings in the Stone Age right upto today, as a reputed cultural, educational and economic hub.

Day Trips

We design specialized tours to places of historical significance, each guided by experts on the subject, with the aim of giving you not only information but a unique experience.


In collaboration with equally passionate and well known scholars, researchers and academicians, we aim to provide you with well-curated experiences through our lecture series, books, tours or workshops. Our work manifests authenticity, quality, pride, responsibility and fun.

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