Wari – Pilgrimage of Joy

Each year, at the onset of the monsoon, around half a million people gather together in Maharashtra, India, to participate in a unique pilgrimage that has an unbroken tradition of over 800 years. The wari tradition has been entirely a people’s initiative. The wari helps warkaris draw the Divine closer to the very essence of the soul, preparing the individual to return to daily life with a renewed sense of purpose. Wari – Pilgrimage of Joy carries the reader along this journey through narrative and images that brilliantly capture the most pertinent moments.




It is believed that Maharashtra has witnessed this tradition for at least 800 years. Today, the palkhi of Sant Tukaram starts from Dehu, while Sant Dynaneshwar’s palkhi starts from Alandi and the two reach Pandharpur on ekadashi. The activities during the procession are aplenty.

The wari has helped the warkari to draw the Divine closer to the very essence of the soul, says Sandesh Bhandare, whose accompanying photographs bring alive this age old tradition.

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