HI Keepsake Collection Issue 3


The Buddhism Special!

That the Buddha preached kindness, compassion and altruistic joy as principles for promoting harmony among living beings is common knowledge. What is not so commonly known though is the fact that his teachings manifested themselves through an extraordinary range of forms and media over centuries and across countries.Have you seen the exquisitely carved panels at Bharhut and Sanchi from the 2nd century BCE to the 1st century CE that narrate stories from Buddha’s life as well as related events? Did you know that the magnificent rock-cut Buddhist caves from Kyzil in China, across the Deccan plateau in India, right up to Afghanistan and beyond with their extraordinary mural paintings and beautiful sculptures served as a great link for commercial, cultural and religious contacts between India and other countries of West, Central, and East Asia? and that Buddhism expresses itself in many different literary genres and in as many different languages as the countries that it has been adopted in.
Read all about it in our latest issue of Heritage India – In the footsteps of the Buddha.

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