MU Vol. 1 Issue 1

‘Maharashtra Unlimited’ is a quarterly magazine, exploring the cultural legacy of ‘the Great State’. Our inaugural issue, published in association with the MTDC, invites our readers to explore the wilderness of Pench and the forgotten caves of Pitalkhora. We present rafting on the Kundalika for the more adventurous, and the magic of Tamasha for lovers of dance and music. With articles on Shivneri fort, the work at Anandwan, Warli art and of course some traditional Maharashtrian recipes, there is something for every member of the family. Travel across the state, with ‘Maharashtra Unlimited’!


Vandana Joshi takes us on a visit to Ganapatipule, a place that not only rejuvenates the mind with its strong presence of spirituality but also provides ample avenues for relaxation due to its long beach, simple rural lifestyle and the wonderful choice of coastal cuisine.


Most of the visitors who go to Nashik have religion on the mind. But Nashik also offers a fascinating mix of a peep into the past and a relaxing time with its serene present, writes Manjiri Bhalerao.


Along with his charisma that endeared him to one and all, Yashawantraoji proved that good political leadership is all about possessing far-sighted vision and the desire to always keep the progress of the nation in mind.


Leaving the pressures of urban existence far behind him, nature lover, trekker and writer Anirudh Chaoji goes deep into the wilderness of the Pench national park for close encounters with tigers, bears, antelopes as also an exotic variety of birds and trees that are crucial to the existence of the tribals.


The Gaathaa-Sapta-Shatee, the oldest known literary work of Maharashtra is a unique anthology of poetic verses which brings to the fore how the various relationships between men and women were described through the use of literary imagery, says Nalini Joshi.


A group of 18 caves located just about 80 kilometres from Aurangabad once served as a Buddhist monastery and now are a valuable link to the Satavahana period, writes Suraj A. Pandit.


The Mahalakshmi temple at Kolhapur attracts millions of devotees throughout the year who come here to seek blessings from the presiding deity and also witness what has come to be known as a natural ‘luminous miracle’, write Dr Aruna Dhere and Varsha Gajendragadkar.


Ashok Mahadevan, former editor of the Indian edition of Reader’s Digest and now a freelance writer, writes about how the Amte family has made Anandwan in Maharashtra an icon in terms of the welfare of the disadvantaged, especially those stricken by leprosy, not through charity but through integration and commitment.


Away from the hustle and bustle of urban areas, Chikhaldara is a quiet hill station in Maharashtra that offers a wide variety of flora and fauna. What also makes it special is its proximity to the Melghat Tiger Sanctuary says Pinakin Karve.


As the season turns and farmers plough their fields to brave the onset of the summer, Gudhi Padwa is celebrated across India as the beginning of a new year in the Hindu calendar and to feel anew the victory of Ram over Ravan, writes Varsha Gajendragadkar.


“There is a difference between my vision of tamasha and the picture of tamasha that exists in the average person’s mind. Through my pictures I am trying to bring to life the tamashas that are performed at fairs, their role in social life and their function,” says Sandesh Bhandare who takes us on an in-depth journey of this traditional folk art of Maharahtra.

A visit to Shivneri fort in Maharashtra not only provides an emotional and historical connect with the place where the great Maratha king Shivaji was born but also proves to be an opportunity to test your trekking skills, says P K Ghanekar.


The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (formerly Prince of Wales Museum of Western India), Mumbai is a fascinating repository of cultural heritage and an institute of learning, says Sabyasachi Mukherjee curator of the museum.


Once limited to decorating the walls of their homes or to observe certain ancient traditions, Warli paintings have now become the rage of the contemporary art world, reaching out to countries across Europe too, states Prachi M Chaudhari.


The train that has been benchmarked against the best luxury trains in the world “The Deccan Odyssey” is a Super Deluxe luxury train operated by the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation Ltd in association with the Indian Railways and the Ministry of Tourism.


If you ever get into a mood for some good river rafting adventure, head straight for river Kundalika in western Maharashtra which is open for the sport throughout the year says adventurist Nikhil Patil.


When the heat begins to build up in Maharashtra, there comes to the fore a variety of Maharashtrian cuisine designed to not only keep the body cool but also take advantage of the availability of mangoes, writes Ashishwang Godha.

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