Saralasanskrutam – Starting 4th April

A glimpse into the world of Sanskrut!
Learn Sanskrut the easy way…
Saralasanskrutam by Dr Sucheta Paranjape




Sanskrut is not only a language, it’s a culture, a philosophy, a tradition. At ‘Heritage
India’, we are striving to connect ourselves with our glorious past, with our faith, and to a vast treasure of amazing literature. Remember, it’s never too late to start.
So, let us begin with the very basics of this divine language and try to explore and learn as much as we can. We welcome you here in this short introductory course in Sanskrut, which is aptly called Saralasanskrutam, i.e. easy and simple Sanskrut. That’s how the language is – easy and simple and at the same time, beautiful and divine.
We, at the beginner’s level class, propose to have 12 sessions, each of 45 minutes.
Every class opens with a Sanskrut Subhashita, a verse, which we will say, translate and memorize! There will be spoken Sanskrut too. Small sentences, which we need every day, will be taught and practiced among ourselves. This is the best way of learning the language, along with its grammar. Do not get scared of the word ‘grammar’. Believe us, even that is easy and amazing.
At the end of the class, Dr. Paranjape will speak about some topics related to the Sanskrut language and literature. Right from the logic behind our alphabet to Meghaduta, Panchatantra, Kautilya’s Arthashastra, Bharata’s Natyashastra,
Patanjali’s Yoga, right up to the introduction to Vedic literature, mainly Upanishads.
The list is endless and if you have the strong will to learn and a keen interest to study, now is your chance!

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